fitness motivation quotes

Fitness Motivation Quotes

Fitness Motivation Quotes can help you stay on trackYou know that working out and watching your diet are key to living a happy and healthy lifestyle.  As much as we may be working everyday to achieve our fitness goals, sometimes life gets in the way and we may get off track.  Fitness motivation quotes aren’t just fun things to share on social media, they can make make the difference between skipping the gym and at least getting there!

Favorite Fitness Motivation Quotes

Study after study has been done over the past few decades showing that a healthy exercise and fitness routine not only builds our muscles but builds our minds as well.  Think those GymRats in the weight room are mindless muscle heads?!  Be careful not to judge a book by it’s cover!

Grip Power Pads and Fitness Motivation Quotes
Studies have found evidence in humans suggesting that being physically fit can help people maintain their cognitive abilities as they age!¹

Fitness Motivation Quotes and Gym Gloves

So how does a simple little fitness motivation quote help you workout harder or stay on track with your fitness goals?  The answer is “yes” when they are used as a tool for making behavior changes!

A “habit” by definition is the repetitive and constant pattern of a specific pattern over time.   Creating new habits is not easy.  When people say “we are creates of habit” they are correct.

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In reference to psychology, behaviors have antecedents and consequences.  Antecendents are a stimuli that precede a behavior and consequences are stimuli that follow a behavior.  Lots of people refer to this is common phrases like cues or triggers.  Both antecendents and consequences of course can either be negative or positive.  Think about when you were in grade school and heard the class bell ring at the end of the day.  Most likely you experienced an immediate sense of elation and excitement because the day was over.  That was a positive antecedent.  However that same bell ringing at 8 am in the morning to signal the beginning of class may have made you anxious or bummed out, because it signaled a long day ahead.  That bell at the beginning of the day was a negative antecendent.

Reading fitness motivation quotes can be a positive trigger or cue that eventually can help you develop positive behaviors.  While we like to share them and think it’s cool to follow ripped up fitness studs online or motivating girls who have seemed to achieve a level of physical fitness, what’s important is that when we read these quotes we act upon them!

fitness motivation quotes