Fitness Gift Ideas 2017

Fitness Present For Someone Who Goes To The Gym – Crossfit – Weightlifting

Whether it's Crossfit, HIIT, weightlifting, or good old fashioned bodyweight exercises, we have the best fitness present for someone who goes to the gym.  Watch the video for some great ideas.  Maybe even a fitness gift basket?!

Present For Someone Who Goes To The Gym

First you have to have an idea of what it is that your recipient does at the gym. What good is a gift that they'll never use.  For example, if someone is into Crossfit WOD they're going to be doing less weightlifting exercises and more bodyweight moves like pull ups, lunges, and Knees to Elbows. A full gym glove is probably going to be too cumbersome for them as a typical high intensity interval training workout like Crossfit runs you rapidly from one workout to another with little rest. There's no time to take your workout gloves on and off. 

2017 Best Fitness Gift Ideas

If the person on your holiday shopping list is into weightlifting, then a pair of grips or gloves is probably a great fitness gift idea. Weight training often puts greater demand on the muscles and joints of the body which is why old school bodybuilders and meat heads starting using weightlifting gloves, wrist wraps and hooks in the first place. The only issue with traditional workout gloves for weight training is that they tend to be very bulky due to excess padding that fitness manufacturers THINK helps ease hand fatigue. In reality they inhibit movement. 

Of course hand protection isn't the only fitness present for someone who goes to the gym, but it's a great low cost idea.  Maybe you could even put together some fitness gift basket ideas with some nutritional supplements, protein bars, or healthy snacks. It's a great idea for gifts for Personal Trainers too. 

Gift For Someone Who Works Out

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