Funny Fitspo Pics

Funny Fitspo Pics – Fitness Hashtag Definitions

Funny Fitspo Pics

Funny fitspo pics are, well, fun to look at.  Let's just hope that you're spending more time actually weight training or at the gym than you are thumbing through countless pics of gym selfies with annoying fitness hashtags!

Funny Fitspo Pics – Fitness Hashtag Definitions

We've already covered a bunch of fitness hashtag definitions and meaning including #swolemate #chasethepump #fitspo and #shredz to name a few.  Most of those are self explanatory but if you're not a #gymrat yourself they may be new to you. 

Fitness Hashtag definitions

A couple of weeks ago, a customer who bought a pair of GymPaws® Original Leather Weight Lifting Gloves shared with us a funny review where he said, "I'm one of those guys who never really wanted to wear a pair of bitch mittens working out, but these lil guys changed my mind."  Bitch mittens!  LOL  Obviously that was another annoying fitness hashtag that referred to gym gloves. Here are a couple more:

GymPaws Fitness Gloves

  1. #fittbudz – this is another version of swolemate.  Basically it refers to a fitness buddy or workout partner. 
  2. #demgainz or #demgains – assuming you're mastery of the English language is that of a 5 year old, this hashtag would refer to "them gains" or rather the progress you should be seeing from your workout or weightlifting routine. 
  3. #prettygirlswholift – Females that think they're more attractive because they spent 10 minutes in the weight room to take a gym selfie.
  4. #fitandthickarmy – Males who think that the size of their biceps compensates for their shortcomings with other body parts and they want to feel like they're part of an army of bros who feel the same.
  5. #vascularity – This is a pretty technical fitness hashtag and probably not used by the same guys who say #demgains , but it refers to someone with low enough body fat, that you can see their veins. 

We'll give you more funny fitspo pics and fitness hashtag definitions next #motivationalmonday and in the meantime how about actually trying to break a sweat today?!



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