Weightlifting Gift Ideas

Good Gifts For Personal Trainers

Weightlifting Gift Ideas

You have a love hate relationship with your personal trainer.  They're your fitness coach, a calorie tsar, therapist, and hopefully your friend.  Trainers are usually "type A" personalities who are assertive, natural leaders, and ambitious. Good gifts for personal trainers could be anything that they could use for themselves, as well as with their clients.  Here is a list of fitness gift ideas. 

What To Give Your Personal Trainer

Whether it's for a Christmas or birthday present, or just a little token to show your appreciation, your trainer like anyone will enjoy receiving a gift that shows you put some thought into buying it. According to the 2012 US Bureau of Labor Statistics there were nearly 270,000 Personal Trainers, and they estimate that by 2018 there will be nearly 340,000. That's an increase over 30%!  Hopefully that means our current 66% of overweight Americans are starting to take their fitness, workout, Crossfit, weightlifting, and gym routines more seriously. 

Good Gifts For Personal Trainers

Let's start with the most obvious, a good pair of gym gloves. You may thing because they're in the health and fitness industry that they must know everything about all the workout products on the market, but you'd be wrong. These ripped up guys and girls sometimes spend 12 – 14 hours a day in the gym, Crossfit box, or weight training room.  When they're not helping clients achieve their muscle building or weight loss goals, they're busy obsessing over their own physiques.  

GymPaws Gym Gloves

Gift for someone who works out

They have been one of the Best Selling in Exercise and Fitness on Amazon for nearly 4 years. Customers worldwide love them as Crossfit Grips, Weightlifting Gloves, and gym hand pads.  Their unique compact and ergonomic design fit discreetly in the palm of the hand, while the four finger loops ensure that they fit like a glove.  A slightly padded leather palm eases hand fatigue and enhances grip. 

Compression Knee Sleeves

Maybe one of the most thoughtful gifts for personal trainers.  Compression Knee Sleeves slide on like a sock, and they provide support and compression to the knee joint.  Weightlifting and bodybuilding fanatics have been using them for years.  Because they help stabilize the knee, it allows for a heavier lifting weight when doing exercises like Squats or deadlifts. The bonus of knee sleeves is that they also aid in the recovery of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which is that ache you feel a day or two after a tough workout.

Fitness Gift Ideas 

Both of these suggestions will be good gifts for personal trainers and both happen to also be Amazon best sellers.  From Los Angeles Personal Trainers to Miami Personal Trainers, you can't go wrong with a present that shows that you've put some thought into you purchase.  You can Pay With Amazon (using your Amazon account to checkout) right here on GymPaws.com or you can use PayPal or any major credit card via Authorize.net.  You can also find all of our products on Amazon directly.  

Happy shopping, and good luck with your fitness goals! Just click below ▼ to check out all the fitness gift ideas available on our website. 

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