Pot Leaf Workout Gloves

Pot Leaf Workout Gloves – Dude Where’r My Calluses

Happy 420 day!  If you're a fan of puff, puff, pass and a fan of Crossfit or working out, then you have to get a pair of GymPaws® Pot Leaf Workout Gloves!  Online you can buy just about anything. Stoner t shirts, pot leaf clothing, 420 apparel, and now leather weightlifting grips!

Pothead Clothing

2017 Best Workout Gloves

We know that just because you wear a pot leaf t shirt doesn't mean you're a total wake and bake stoner. It's just stating your support of the use of this special little herb. 🙂 Lot's of guys and girls that hit the gym or Crossfit box regularly have told us that sometimes a little hit before hitting the weight training sesh can help them focus and bust out even more reps.  More weight, more reps = more fat blasting muscle!

Pot Leaf Workout Gloves

GymPaws Gripads for Workout

GymPaws® is already one of the Best Workout Gloves 2017 no matter where you buy them online.  We design products for performance over profit.  We know that having the best gym gloves or workout gear won't give you bulging biceps or a butt so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it, but they will outlast any other gripads on the market. You definitely don't want to go barehand gloves will ease hand fatigue, can enhance your grip, and help you max out in the weight room. 

Here's What You Need To Know

  1. GymPaws Workout Gripads are made from 100% top grain cowhide leather.  This is the most durable material for exercise and fitness equipment. 
  2. They have a hydrophobic Neoprene backing which wicks away sweat. You know what happens if you wear traditional Crossfit gloves… you're hands become a sweaty mess. Not with GymPaws!
  3. No matter how stoned you are, you definitely do have 4 fingers.  That's why we have gripads that actually have 4 finger loops.  They're not some rubbery piece of crap that falls off between sets. 

Stoner Gym Gloves

You can buy GymPaws® right here on our website and use your Amazon account, Paypal or credit card to check out.  You can also visit us on http://www.amazon.com/shops/gympaws (or just click the ad above) to see our full line of the best workout gloves 2017 and fitness products. Don't freak out dude. Just get your Pot Leaf Workout Gloves today.