Barbell Rollout Video

Sculpt V Shaped Abs The Easy Way

Barbell Rollout Video

A recent study in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health suggested that men suffer from body image issues just as much as women.  Getting those much sought after v shaped abs ranks as one of the top concerns with guys.  The research even discusses that the psychological effect that body image has for guys may be even more intense than the ladies.  Getting those Adonis abs isn't has difficult as you may think, but it is going to take some work!

What Are V Shaped Abs On Guys

Often called Adonis Abs, the v shape on guys refers to the Illiac Furrow which is the indentation on either side of the lower abs running from the obliques to the lower ab / groin area.  Unfortunately, not everyone is going to get the sexy V but not from lack of work, desire or dedication, but because of genetics.  This doesn't mean that you can try!  

How To Get V Shaped Abs

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First of all ask any Personal Trainer and they'll tell you that abs start in the kitchen.  This means that you really have to focus on your diet and nutrition in addition to your exercise and fitness.  In order to get 6 pack abs it requires that your bodyfat is low.  The abdominal muscles are wide and flat muscles that don't get big and bulky like say the biceps.  You can weight lift and workout and get huge arms much more easily than you can abs in most cases. You can read more details in our previous post

The right exercises can help.  Doing standard ab ball crunches works mainly the upper abs which are thicker and more prominent.  In order to get that sexy v shaped abs on guys or girls you gotta work the lower abs as well. The Barbell Rollout is one of the best exercises you can do.  Here's a quick exercise video demo to show you how it's done. 

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