Great For Crossfit Workout

2019 Best Workout Gloves – Editor’s Pick – Askmen

AskMen Magazine recently chose GymPaws Original Leather Weightlifting Grips as Editor’s Pick for 2019 Best Workout Gloves! They are the most efficient and convenient option for hand protection at the gym because of their compact design.  Unlike most gym gear you can buy on Amazon or other ecommerce platforms, our products are actually developed by exercise and fitness professionals.  If you want cheap knock off gym gloves, you won’t find them here.

Tips For Using Workout Gloves

Great For Crossfit Workout

When it comes to using hand protection at the gym, it may seem like a glove is a glove.  Just like an athlete that perfects their skill specific to their sport or exercise, you need to choose a workout glove that matches your gym routine.

Frat Boys Workout Hard

If you know what WOD means (workout of the day,) then you’re probably a fan of Crossfit.  This routine became popular about 10 years ago.  A combination of gymnastics, bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, cardio and agility training, Crossfit is a great workout to build muscle and burn fat. Gloves for Crossfit need to be compact and not inhibit movement.  GymPaws were designed to fit in the palm of your hands, and the 4 finger loops assure that they stay in place.

Those who are more likely to spend their time in the weight lifting room may want to choose a different gym glove.  You for sure still see the old school bodybuilding gloves, and they are just as effective as when they were designed 40 years ago.  The issue is that they tend to be overly padded and can make your hands sweaty.  When we developed GymPaws lifting grips, we focused on creating a product that acted as a barrier between your hand and the weight, without being too thick that it reduced tactile sensation.

When you’re looking to buy gym gloves online, you can’t help but consider Amazon and their millions of customer reviews.  Pay attention to specifics of the review if you’re buying fitness and exercise gear.  You want opinions that offer examples of how they were used.  For example, people also love GymPaws for rowing gloves.  We learned that by reading our own customer reviews!  You can check out GymPaws on Amazon here .  If you choose to purchase them here on our website you can also use your Amazon account to check out.