How To Avoid Germs At The Gym – 2018 Workout Warfare

Happy New Year!  We're not even a week into 2018 but millions of us have resolved to tackle our exercise and fitness resolutions. While your dedication will pay off, being careless at the gym could make you sick, especially during flu season this year! What do you think are the dirtiest places in the gym? Well we have some statistics for you and more importantly how to avoid germs at the gym during your workout!

Before we even go on to inform / gross you out, you can save yourself some time and just get yourself a pair of best gym gloves 2018 GymPaws® according to Get FIT! mag and pick up some gym sanitizing wipes while you're there.

Dirtiest Places In The Gym

1. Bathroom and Lockeroom – This isn't shocking to anyone who's ever so much as set foot in a gym locker room after a sweaty workout.  Pretty much any surface is rife with germs of all sorts. The warm moist environment is literally a breeding ground. 

2. Exercise Machines, Dumbbells and Barbells – Any piece of equipment you touch in the gym, Crossfit box, or weightlifting room is loaded with the nasties. While most gyms will do a daily wipe down of handles on the machines, they rarely even touch anything in the weight room even though hundreds of grimy hands definitely have. 

3. Towels – If you're lucky enough to belong to a fitness center that provides free sweat towels, don't assume they're as clean as one you may bring from home.  The gyms do in fact wash them with industrial strength cleaners and machines, but have you ever seen someone wipe down the dirty towel bin, or cart and shelves used for the clean towels. Nope!

4. Water Fountain – This is probably one of the most touched surfaces in the entire gym.  Whether someone is there to do some cardio, slam metal in the weightlifting room, or doing yoga they ALL touch the water fountain!

How To Avoid Germs At The Gym

2018 Best Workout Gloves

One of the reasons GymPaws® has been named 2018 Best Workout Gloves is because not only are they one of the few gym gloves on the market actually made from 100% genuine cowhide leather, but they are machine washable.  You can even get em clean with some soap and water in the sink and let them air dry.  No nasty finger holes and wrist wraps to trap germs and bacteria.  

How To Avoid Germs At The Gym

While more and more gyms and Crossfit boxes have sanitation wipes that you can use, it may not hurt to keep a zip lock bag of them in your gym bag.  Keep a few empty zip lock backs in your bag so you can put 3 or 4 in there to stuff in your pocket before you start your workout. 

It goes without saying that if you're using the wet facilities, wear flip flops or shower shoes, and for gosh sake don't sit naked on ANY of the lockeroom surfaces.  Even if your gym provides their own towels, bring one from home to really be sure to avoid germs at the gym!