Steve Austin Broken Skull Challenge

Steve Austin Broken Skull Challenge

Steve Austin Broken Skull ChallengeThe world of Fitness competitions just got a little dirtier!  The Steve Austin Broken Skull Challenge is a competition where elite athletes and amateurs butt heads using both brains and brawn.  It’s a unique hybrid of a CrossFit, MMA, and Tough Mudder challenge with the winner claiming a $10,000 Grand Prize.  Our very own GymPaws® Featured Personal Trainer Ryan Campbell appears on this Sunday’s episode on CMT Channel.

Steve Austin Broken Skull Challenge

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is of course best known as one of the biggest stars in World Wrestling Federation (WWF) history.  His latest endeavor with Broken Skull Ranch is proving to be just as badass and intense as Stone Cold himself!

On his 2,000 acre Broken Skull Ranch in Texas, Austin devloped the idea for the Broken Skull Challenge.  Eight people compete head to head through obstacles like “The Backbreaker,” “Shredder,” and “Skullbuster.”  These guys (and girls) aren’t competing on some pretty, well manicured course either!  They’re getting down and dirty in the scorching Texas sun.  The obstacles are design to target a different muscle group with the goal of exhausting competitors as they progress.  When a top athlete starts fatiguing and struggling with what he thought would be an easy course, the self doubt starts kicking in.

We asked Personal Trainer Ryan Campbell what he did to prepare himself for the challenge and what advice he has to offer for those thinking their workouts to the next level.

Going into this battle I knew I had to be strong and explosive.  I focused a lot on Olympic lifting (heavy deadlifts and clean and jerks) as well as explosive dynamic movements like muscle ups and clapping push ups.

What I’d say to someone who’s maybe plateaued in their training is that it’s really about shifting your focus and goals.

1. It’s a head game.

Whenever you’re training for a specific goal, whether it’s to shed a few pounds or compete in a strength or endurance competition, you have to get your head straight.  “You have to have a clear vision in your mind of what your goal is, and practice seeing yourself accomplish it!”

2. Endurance is Key.

Strength is great, but it’s not everything.  Your workouts need to consist of both strength and endurance training.  “In my bootcamp classes I challenge my clients to USE their strength and help them build their endurance.”  Busting out 30 minutes on an elliptical machine isn’t going to help you when it comes to real world physical challenges.  Cardio machines are really great tools for burning extra calories but you really need to mix it up and try to train outside of the gym when you can.  For example you can run the stairs in place of the StairMaster.

3. Get out of your comfort zone.

Nothing re-energizes your commitment to working out more than the thrill and exhilaration of challenging yourself by doing something you didn’t think you could!

Here’s a preview of Ryan on this week’s episode of the “Steve Austin Broken Skull Challenge” this Sunday on CMT…