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Workout smarter not harder.  There are literally thousands of options on Amazon when it comes to exercise and fitness gear for the gym.  Before you buy online there are a couple of things to consider to assure that you are choosing a product that will help with your weightlifting routine rather than inhibit it.  This blog post : Workout Gloves – Best for Gym, Weightlifting, Fitness will explain some of the things to look for when deciding which hand protection is going to be best for you.  For example if Crossfit if your fitness training of choice you want a glove that is multi-functional so that you can easily move from one exercise to another without having to take gloves on or off. : Workout Gloves – Best for Gym, Weightlifting, Fitness

First of all, the single most important thing to consider when buying gym or workout gloves on Amazon is what type of exercises you tend to do most regularly.  Weightlifting is the most common type of workout that most people buy gloves for.  When doing biceps curls, deadlifts or chest press, there is nothing protecting your skin from the cold hard metal of the dumbbell or barbell.  Excessive pressure and friction leads to those oh so infamous callouses.  While some may still consider callouses a badge of honor those who know better understand that this is certainly not the case. Workout Gloves
If part of your weightlifting or Crossfit routine has you doing bodyweight exercises like tire tosses, battling ropes, or pull ups, you have probably noticed that sometimes your grip may slip.  The common misconception is that workout gloves for the gym will help you “grab” a weight or pull ups bar better.  This is not true. : Workout Gloves – Best for Gym, Weightlifting, Fitness

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Regardless of what the product descriptions may say on Amazon ( ), you have to understand the basics of a grip.  Grip strength refers to how strong you can grab something.  For example if  someone finds it difficult to hang from the pull ups bar to complete a full set, they often thing it is due to their hands slipping, and therefore look for a pull ups glove to solve the issue.  The problem however is usually the strength of their grip versus their hands slipping.  The same can be said for most weightlifting exercises as well.  A pair of workout gloves will not help you curl more weight.  If you find your hand or wrist tiring before you even feel the pump in your biceps, that probably means the muscles and tendons of your wrist, hands and fingers just need to strengthen up, which will happen as you continue to train.