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The Swolemate – Gym Gloves You Just Can’t Lift Without™

The Swolemate Men's Gym GloveFINALLY after months of tweaking the design, choosing the highest grade materials, and testing, testing, and more testing, The Swolemate™ by GymPaws® has arrived!  So you may be wondering how you could really improve upon the basic gym gloves design, well we’ve figured out a couple of improvements!

Leather Is Better

There are tons of leather gym gloves out there, and just as many impostors.  Synthetic “faux” leather fabrics and spongy rubber materials just won’t cut if if you’re looking for gym gloves that will last through your grueling workouts!  The Swolemate Gym Gloves are made from 100% Top Grain Cowhide Napa Leather.  The vegetable oil tanning process that’s used makes the leather naturally moisture resistant and supple.  The more you use them, the more they conform to your specific hand and grip… and even become more comfortable!

Tailored Features

The easiest thing to do when manufacturing gym gloves from scratch is to use a square pattern.  In fact, 99% of the guys who make gloves do this.  The problem is that our hands and wrists are NOT square, which leaves us with excess material and gaps on the thumb and wrist.  We eliminated this by tapering the thumb hole and wrist closure for a snug custom fit gym gloves

Fine Craftsmanship Isn’t Just A Luxury

We were inspired to make The Swolemate Gym Gloves by the designs of high end luxury driving gloves.  You’ll find double stitching throughout the palm and pressure points as well as slight padding.  These definitely aren’t some cheap dime store gloves!

Available in both Men’s and Women’s sizes and colors, The Swolemate Gym Gloves are sure to become the gloves you just can’t lift without!