Gym Gloves Pink

Gym Gloves Pink

Gym Gloves Pink

Walk into any weight room in any gym and you will probably notice more women pumping iron than ever!  While some are still afraid that they’ll “get to bulky” and are playing around with the pink little 3 pounders, other know that lifting hard and heavy is key to getting a sexy toned body! It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing gym gloves pink, red, or blue as long as you’re working with intensity!  So is there a difference between a workout for women and a workout for men?  Well let’s discuss…

Gym Gloves Pink

The ladies are definitely drawn to exercise clothes and workout gear based on how they look.  Much moreso than the guys are.  Some gym glove manufactuers will have the women believe that pretty little bedazzeled workout gloves will somehow motivate you to get to the gym and workout.  Not only are these crappy gloves, but it’s a crappy strategy!  Our team of ACE® Certified Personal Trainers not only test out all of our products, but their clients do too!  Look no further than some of the best gym glove review and you’ll find GymPaws® at the top.

Pink Gym Gloves

Let’s go over a few common exercises for women:

Deadlifts, squats and butt exercises. 

Every women wants a tight booty. Workout gloves might not help you squat more, but they will help you be more confident by enhancing your grip.  When it comes to hard lifts like deadlifts, a pair of weight lifting straps might be a good choice.

Pink Gym Gloves For Women

The customer above is wearing The Vo2Max Gym Gloves by gympaws for her squats.  They’re made with super soft suede along with moisture resistant leather and ventilator mesh accents.

Now what about those upper body exercises?  Most women strap themselves to cardio equipment hoping to burn off some extra body fat.  While they may become physically smaller, they still may not look as tight and toned as they would like.  The Reverse Cable Crossover is an intermediate exercise that’s great for toning.  Check it out here

Our trainer is wearing a pair of GymPaws® Original Lifting grips.

For women who want a half finger glove with more coverage we have The Swolemate Gym Glove pink, blue and black!  It’s designed after fine Italian driving gloves with tapered wrist and thumbholes.

Best Gym Gloves Pink

ALL of our GymPaws® Gym gloves are made from the same hydro-phobic (moisture resistant) cowhide leather.  You can toss them in the washing machine and dryer along with your sweaty gym clothes.  You can buy GymPaws gym gloves Pink, Red, Blue or any other color from the Amazon links above, or directly from our website.  Note:  you can use your Amazon account to pay right from the website or use PayPal or Credit Card.

Happy lifting ladies!

Pink Gym Gloves for Girls