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Leather Hand Grips Gym – Lifting Grips

leather hand grips gym, lifting grips, gym grips, Not all lifting grips are created equal my friends!  You spend dozens of hours each month weight lifting and working on your physique only to have your significant other forced to hold some gnarly callused hands!  Leather hand grips gym paws® can help you avoid that! Never used a lifting grip before?  Not sure you need one?  Well read on… you WILL be convinced!

What is a Lifting Grip?

Lifting grips are most familiar to bodybuilders or serious weight lifters.  The friction between your hands and the cold hard metal of the dumbbells can cause abrasions on the skin.  When done repeatedly, it’s your body’s natural defense to thicken the skin where the most friction is caused and your end result are calluses.  While calluses themselves aren’t harmful, they can become unsightly!  If you’re prone to dry skin or dry chapped hands, continuous activity can cause the skin to rip or tear and you could be at risk of infection.  A lifting grip is simply something between your hands and the weight that you are lifting.

Not all lifting grips are the same!  To begin, leather hand grips gym paws are made from genuine leather.  They’re meant to take abuse from even the toughest of workouts – even from the hardcore weight lifting enthusiasts!  Even better, the back of a pair of GymPaws® lifting grips is constructed from space aged Neoprene.  This is the same “magical” material that scuba diving gear is made from!  GymPaws Neoprene Gym Grips actually wick away sweat and moisture.  A drier hand means a steadier grip and no sweaty buildup!  Leather hand grips Gym Paws have 4 finger loops which keep them in place.  Others only offer two or three finger loops which causes the gym grip to slip and move about as you workout.leather lifting grips gym, gym grips, lifting grips, weight lifting grips

Do I really need a Gym Grip?

It’s up to you of course.  If you’re new to weight lifting a grip might be an added motivation or reminder to keep on track with your workouts.  It may also help cushion the pressure of the weights causing less fatigue on your hands.  Don’t forget, that if you are more confident with your form and workouts, the more weight you may try lifting next time.  Having a gym grip can give you a little bit of added confidence – knowing that the weight you’re lifting isn’t going to just slip from your hands!