Diet Tips for Bulking Up

Diet Tips For Bulking Up

Diet Tips for Bulking UpTrying to bulk up with a good quantity of lean muscle and minimal fat is more than just hitting the gym 5-6 days a week. It is a healthy marriage and balance of optimizing your training combined with the quality of calories you consume.   Just as you wouldn’t do one biceps exercise and expect to grow massive guns, you can’t limit your caloric intake either. Some diet tips for bulking up includes assuring you have a good variety.  Eating the right amount of quality foods that allow minimal fat gain while maximizing your muscle growth is key.   Here are 7 foods that you should be eating to help you with your bulking.

Diet Tips For Bulking Up

We all know that Protein is extremely important when aiming for lean muscle gains.  While shakes and weight lifting supplements are great, you need real food sources as well.  Salmon and skinless chicken is a top choice for most, however don’t necessarily shy away from red meats either!  Lean beef or bison is another great protein source. Choose cuts of meat that are labeled loin or round. Trim off any visible fat before cooking to eliminate unnecessary fats. Lean beef and bison are natural sources of Creatine and carry Stearic acid that is a unique saturated fat which does not harm your cholesterol level.

You want to try and consume about 30% of your daily caloric intake from protein. This ensures that you’re providing your body with enough amino acids to help construct new muscle.

A great Carbohydrate option is Quinoa.  Quinoa can be eaten cold or warm and practically for any meal. Aside from being a healthy carbohydrate, it also contains a significant amount of protein for being a grain. Rolled oats are another versatile grain that you can use to up your calories without having that stuffed feeling. Rolled oats can be eaten as oatmeal for breakfast, added into a smoothie or even mixed along with your protein powder and peanut butter for a type of ‘fudge’ bar to take with you on the go.

Consuming the right Fats should also be part of your diet tips for bulking up.  Avocados are just the fat to consume, and are flat out delicious!  Avocados contain a large amount of monounsaturated fats that some would argue can help keep that pesky fat from covering those v shaped abs you’ve been working on! Extra virgin olive oil should be a staple in your diet and used to cook literally all the foods you consume. It holds all the ‘good’ fats needed in a healthy diet and contains antioxidants!