Tips for Pan Seared Salmon

Tips for Pan Searing Salmon

Tips for Pan Seared SalmonTips for Pan Searing Salmon!  Keeping your healthy high protein meals interesting is key.  If you start to get bored and uninterested in your healthy meals you’re not likely to stick to them!  Here are some tips for Pan Searing Salmon to help you stay on track.

What does Searing mean?

Searing simply means using a high temperature heat.  Searing salmon gives you a crisp and crunchy outside while assuring the inside of the filet itself stays moist.  Most fish cooks very quickly so be sure to pay attention cooking times!

Tips for Pan Searing Salmon

1. Heat a non stick or cast iron skillet to a medium high temperature

2. Drizzle your salmon filet with extra virgin olive oil.  (I prefer putting the olive oil on the salmon filet itself rather than in the pan.  It seems to end up with a better outside texture.)

3. Salt and Pepper the filet.  Flip it over and repeat with the other side.

4. Place in hot pan and cook on side one for 3-4 minutes or until golden brown.

5. Turn the filet and cook for another 2-3 minutes until its done.

Tips for Pan Searing Salmon – Variations

To keep it interesting you can experiment with the seasoning used.  Try brushing the fillets with low sodium soy sauce and mustard before searing to mix it up.  Or try sprinkling a tiny amount of brown sugar on the fillets with a dash of ginger. 

For a complete meal serve your Pan Seared Salmon with a side of Roasted Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus.