Party Smart Pill Reviews

Party Smart Reviews – Anti Hangover Supplement

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So a couple of weeks one of my gym buddies and I decided to go knock a few down out at the bars.  He came over for some drinks before we headed out and as we were chatting he exclaimed “oh I have something for you” and tossed me this little orange packet with a pill in it.  Party Smart!  I laughed because we all know that nothing good comes from drinking, so there’s nothing smart about it.  Secondly, I’ve tried these “anti-hangover” supplements before and thought they were a waste of money.  I cannot express to you how wrong I was!  Obviously I was impressed enough to write my own Party Smart Review.

Party Smart Pill Reviews

As I read the ingredients I proceeded to rattle off my opinions about each of them.

Vitis Vinefera which is a grape seed extract that supposedly helps with circulation and detoxification.

Extracts of dates (Phoenix Dectylifera), and King of Bitters (Andrographis Paniculata) were a couple more ingredients that were familiar to me.

Basically it didn’t seem like anything special, they’re not uncommon in many supplements.  I take my vitamins, and like anyone into exercise, fitness, and weight lifting, I have a cupboard full of herbal supplements and the like. I can’t say for certain that any of them specific “work” but I take them nonetheless. My 2 minute Party Smart Review concluded, I slammed the pill with my water and we went on about our night.

Party Smart Review

A few hours later he popped out a second pill and told me to take it again.

He said they work best if you take one before you start drinking, and another WHILE you’re drinking.

I chuckled again, thinking “wow this company has him hook, line and sinker!” Whateves, I was definitely feeling my buzz and didn’t care to argue my point again.  By the next morning I forgot about this silly little pill (along with other things from the prior evening lol.)  However I noticed that I felt AMAZING!  I’m not saying that I woke up feeling better than any other morning, but I did not feel like I had even been drinking.  Mind you, I’m a corn fed midwestern boy and we know how to drink!  We were definitely not holding back on the booze from the night before, but I didn’t give it another thought.  I figured maybe I just drank enough water not to feel like crap.

The next time we went out drinking he asked me how I felt the next morning.  I told him I felt great, but I was sure it wasn’t because of this Party Smart pill.  So to finally prove my point I gave him a concoction of some of my herbal supplements to take before we started drinking.  Guess what?  The next morning I felt like a mac truck had hit me, backed up, and parked.  I was wrong!  After pounding some Advil and water the first thing I did was get online on Amazon and buy myself a supply of these little gems.

Party Smart Reviews

I’ve talked to friends about this and shared my little Party Smart review with them, and I promise you that every person that took it told me they had the same experience.  I have no affiliation with this company at all, and I rarely promote a specific supplement or brand on the GymPaws website.  You can also buy it at Walgreens and Wholefoods as well, but on Amazon you can sign up for automatic delivery which is kind of cool.

Do yourself a holiday favor this year and try a couple of these and you just may be able to actually wake up the morning after and hit the gym for a good workout!