1st Phorm Ignition Reviews and Supplements

1st Phorm Ignition Review

1st Phorm Ignition Reviews and SupplementsIs eating carbs after a hard weight training session really necessary?  If you listen to the “expert” advice of any of the weight lifting supplement manufacturers (which most of you do), then the answer to that question is “yes.”  However before you start throwing good money after bad, I want to share with you some information I learned in researching the topic for this 1st Phorm Ignition Review.

There are tons of supplements that describe themselves as a post workout glycogen replenishment.  Flip through any fitness magazine and you’re sure to find almost as many full page ads as you will actual fitness info.  We’ve all seen em, and most of us have bought into the sales pitch at one time or another.  Whether we know better or not, part of us wants to believe that there is that one seemingly unknown holy grail of weight lifting supplements that we’ve yet to discover.  Is 1st Phorm Ignition one of them?

I was introduced to the 1st Phorm Products by my Personal Trainer bud Ryan VanDyke and I thought I’d give em a try… and these are simply my opinions after trying them myself and doing a little homework.  You can read my 1st Phorm Level 1 Protein Review here.

The concept for post workout carb replenishment is simple:  Your body converts carbohydrates (glucose) and stores this energy as Glycogen in the muscle cells.  Working out can tap into and deplete these energy reserves.  Post workout weight lifting supplements that claim to restore glycogen levels are basically simple carbs that are easily digestible, thus introducing glucose back into the blood stream. Because your body needs carbohydrates in order to synthesize (convert) protein and deliver it to the muscle cells,  your post workout recovery shakes may include an easily digestible carbohydrate along with a protein.

1st Phorm Ignition Review

Pay attention to any products you are researching and do your homework.  The key to who may benefit from the product is usually right there on the label or product description, in the case of 1st Phorm Ignition it’s those who engage in INTENSE TRAINING.  This holds true for ANY of the products that make claims to be the best, more readily available post workout carb source.

That means endurance competitions, competitive athletes etc.,  99% of the guys at the gym are not even training anywhere near the level that they need to worry about this.  If you’re a competitive bodybuilder, or on an intensely low carbohydrate diet that’s another story.

Unfortunately for the weight lifting supplement manufacturers, it’s not a story that supports their product claims.  Most studies are showing that a carbohydrate supplement has little to no effect on the body’s post workout ability to synthesize protein.

The bottom line is that for the vast majority of gym goers, a good whey protein shake and a banana are going to be a great post workout meal.


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