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Rodiney Santiago Personal Trainer You may know Brazilian heartthrob Rodiney Santiago as a reality television and online personality, model, actor, and performer.  His chiseled physique and smoldering good looks have landed him on the covers and in the pages of some of the biggest magazines in the world.  What you may be surprised to learn, is that before the bright lights of Hollywood came calling, Rodiney had a burgeoning career in the Health and Fitness Industry. Rodiney Santiago Bio Rodiney Santiago Personal Trainer Born in the small city of Timoteo Brazil , Rodiney and his two brothers grew up loving the outdoors thanks to the natural beauty of his home country.  Sports and fitness soon became a favorite past time of his which lead him on the path to pursue a career as a Physical Therapist.  As he concentrated on his health and fitness studies, Rodiney supported himself with small modeling gigs and that soon turned into a full time profession allowing him to travel the world and ultimately bringing him the the US in 2006.  He gained mainstream media exposure from his appearances on LOGO TV’s “A List New York” and VH1 “Celebrity Couples Therapy.”  He also has had a string of best selling calendars featuring the work of some world-renowned photographers. Rodiney Santiago Bio Rodiney Santiago Personal Training Rodiney’s love of working out and staying fit has always been more than just a professional necessity to stay camera ready.  He believes that hitting the gym and working up a sweat is important to staying mentally centered as well as physically fit. In between on-camera work and personal appearances, Rodiney never lost his passion for health and fitness and began to look for opportunities where he could incorporate both professions.

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As I began working out more and more with friends, I realized how much I loved sharing my knowledge of fitness with them.  It was almost a spiritual thing for me to see them transform their bodies and become healthier and happier – and be on that journey with them.

Upon moving to Los Angeles Rodiney quickly began filling his schedule with private personal training and fitness coaching. As an IFA Certified Personal Trainer he wants to be able to work with fans and friends worldwide in addition to his local clientele. In the Spring of 2015 will be launching his own Online Personal Training website and virtual gym.

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