Tony Tiamiyu Miami Personal Trainer

Tony Tiamiyu – Miami Personal Trainer

miami-personal-trainer-tony-tiamiyuSince 2006 Miami Personal Trainer Tony Tiamiyu has been helping to sculpt bodies of near perfection!  His company’s motto “wanna new birthday suit” has become almost as popular as Tony himself!  It’s no wonder why his scores of client testimonials sing his praises or that his YouTube video views are skyrocketing!  Tony know how to get things done (or get YOU to get things done)!

When we asked Tony about his Personal Training philosophies, we expected to hear things like “go hard or go home” or “sweat it till you get it,” or one of the dozens of recycled and overused mottos most Personal Trainers use.  We were surprised to here him describe that his motivational technique begins with visualization and a focus on the client’s overall well being.  “I teach people to first visualize their goal – see themselves in their new birthday suit so to speak. They need to not just want to reach their goal, they have to believe it will be a reality.”

While he clientele of this Miami Personal Trainer includes a bevy of celebrity beauties as well as international power players, his dedication lies with anyone who’s serious about achieving their best self.  Client’s consistently point out his infectious positive energy and outlook on life.  miami personal trainer

You won’t get cookie cutter – run of the mill workout routine when training with Tony.  “Every body and every person has it’s strength and weaknesses.  Both physically and emotionally.  It’s my job to identify those and build workout and lifestyle programs based on those unique needs and goals,” Tony explains.

Tony is also the founder of Instant Fitness and has quite a YouTube following.  One might assume his video popularity is based on his (personal) physical appearance (duh) – but you quickly learn that these aren’t fluffy “look at me workout” videos!  There’s a ton of helpful and motivating information.

His result’s driven formula for all fitness levels includes a focus on unifying the mind, body, and soul.  His services range from Private one on one Personal Training, Bootcamp and small-group training, Nutritional coaching and lifestyle counseling.

“Changing you body is a lifestyle change – change your lifestyle and your body will follow.” – Tony Tiamiyu

Connect with Miami Personal Trainer Tony Tiamiyu today!  Afterall…. who wouldn’t want a new birthday suit!