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Become a featured Personal Trainer for your city!

  • GymPaws® customers are worldwide.  As our Brand continues to grow, yours can too!
  • Promote your personal brand with insightful and relevant content.
  • As a Guest Author on the GymPaws® Fitness Blog, you’ll be introduced to a huge audience who want to know more about Fitness Topics and Healthy living.
  • People who are referred to a Personal Trainer from a source they trust are more likely to become a new Client!


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What is a GymPaws®Featured Personal Trainer?


GymPaws® as a Brand is recognized by fitness enthusiasts and customers all over the world. It’s main customer base is in the US, and customers from all corners of the nation comment, connect, and email GymPaws® with fitness, diet, and nutrition questions everyday!

We want our customers to be able to find a Personal Trainer from our site while they’re reading all the great Health and Fitness tips on the GymPaws® Fitness Blog!

A GymPaws® Featured Personal Trainer is someone who we feel connects well with their audience of clientele and is motivated to share their personal training philosophies, workout strategies, and support of healthy lifestyles.

If you’re a Personal Trainer that prefers to be locked away in a dark corner sitting at a desk in the gym waiting for your next new client to walk in the door – you probably wouldn’t be a good fit. If you’re the guy or girl who people gravitate towards, not just because of your expertise and knowledge, but because you’re a energizing and motivation person – then we want you in our corner!

How do most Customers Find a Personal Trainer?

The reality is that most potential customers will find a Personal Trainer based on word of mouth. Clients that have seen results or recommend you as a Personal Trainer will likely be more than happy to sing your praises when one of their friends notices the positive lifestyle choices or hot new body that you helped to inspire! The down side of relying on word of mouth, if a client is generally just a “Negative Nelly” or “Debbie Downer,” when their friends or family ask about the progress with their personal trainer the reviews may not be that positive. It’s not that the Personal Trainer is to blame, but likely the client themselves isn’t holding up their end of the bargain outside the gym!

If you’re looking to find a Personal Trainer, the best place to start is online. Those Personal Trainers that make it a point to have a presence online tend to be most motivated to find new clients and are eager to help achieve results. Whether it be via their own website, Facebook or Social Media or as an expert author on Blogs like GymPaws® Fitness Blog, a Personal Trainer that likes to share their expertise and share their clients’ successes tend to be the most invested!