The Biggest Loser Jessie Pavelka

The Biggest Loser Jessie Pavelka

Jessie Pavelka WorkoutThe Biggest Loser Jessie Pavelka made his debut tonight on the Season 16 premiere of NBC’s hit reality show.   If you tuned in to watch the Season 16 Premiere of NBS’s hit “The Biggest Loser” you were introduced to new personal trainer Jessie Pavelka.  If his brooding good looks and name sound familiar to some reality show fans, it may be due to his cousin Jake Pavelka who gained notoriety on “The Bachelor,” or Jessie’s own appearances on the Lifetime Series “The Diet Tribe.”  

Jessie Pavelka Bio

Celebrating his 32nd birthday in just a couple weeks (DOB 09/26/82)  The Biggest Loser Jessie Pavelka may just be on the fast track to be Los Angeles Personal Trainer Jessie Pavelkaamerica’s newest favorite personal trainer and fitness personality. This Corpus Christi, Texas native was an athletic kid and played high school football until he began attending the University of North Texas in 2001.  As an undergrad Jessie decided not to pursue his passion for football and ditched his pursuit of a Business Degree when he became involved in the world of Bodybuilding.  Jessie worked as a PFS (Physical Fitness Specialist) Personal Trainer until the bright lights of Hollywood came calling and lured him to Los Angeles where he began pursuing an acting and modeling career.  As a sought after Los Angeles Personal Trainer Jessie continued to juggle training clients with his many gigs as a fitness model as well as small acting roles.

The “entertainment business” soon became exhausting for him and he moved back to his native Texas where he worked for a commercial construction company.   In 2007 he decided to give Los Angeles another shot and in 2009 Jessie was cast as the fitness coach / personal trainer for Lifetime’s “Diet Tribe.,” which aired for 13 episodes.  He also had a stint endorsing the “Step360” Fitness Product / workout routine. In 2011 named Jessie “Personal Trainer of the Month.”

Jessie Pavelka Workout

Los Angeles Personal Trainer Jessie PavelkaJessie believes in a holistic approach to training and nutrition and emphasizes empowering people to take control of their own activity levels and diet versus just following a cookie cutter routine or program. An advocate of weight lifting supplements / nutritional supplements such as Omega 3’s and whey protein powders he believes that a balanced diet is key to achieving physical goals.

“Treat your body right and give it the kind of wholesome energy it needs to be healthy.”

We’re looking forward to watching Jessie continue to inspire and motivate people not only with his expertise and knowledge on The Biggest Loser but as a role model through achieving his own personal goals!

The Biggest Loser Jessie Pavelka
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