Tips for Doing Pull Ups

Best Pull Up Gloves – Tips For Doing Pull Ups

What are the Best Pull Up GlovesBest pull up gloves can make the difference between pumping out a few more reps and going home!  The good ‘ole pull up is one of the best exercises you can do to increase upper body strength and burn fat!  The problem for most people is that after just a few pull ups their hands fatigue or skin feels like it’s pinching and they give up.  GymPaws are the solution to that problem my friend!

Who Cares About Pull Ups

Most of you haven’t done a pull up since you were in grade school and took the Presidential fitness tests!  That’s okay… we’ll slowly reintroduce you.  If you were to run out to the park tomorrow or jump up to the pull up bar at the gym without having done them in awhile you’re in for a rude awakening.  Even IF you have well develope upper body strength you might not be able to do a pull up properly.  Just because you followed my killer back and biceps workout doesn’t mean you’ll be able to bust out a couple sets of pull ups.  Why should you care?  How me a guy or girl who can slam out 25 pull ups followed by 25 chin ups and Ill show you a set of ripped up biceps you’d be drooling over!Tips for Doing Pull Ups

Tips for Doing Pull Ups

1. Imagine pulling the bar down to you, not you up to the bar.  Sounds silly I know, but trust me it makes a difference.

2. If you have done pull ups in awhile, start with an assisted pull up machine.  If you don’t have one at your gym you can ask a personal trainer to show you how to use a resistance band around the pull up bar to assist you.   If at home or at a park, try starting your pull up from standing on a bench or chair.

3. Keep your abs tight at all times.  Believe it or not you will actually work your abs doing pull ups.  Your core stabilizing your body throughout any movement.  If you’re doing an advanced pull up like Knees to Elbows or Kipping Pull Ups you definitely WILL be feeling it in your abs the next day!

4. The best pull up gloves won’t make you bigger or stronger, but they will help you to go a little longer which WILL help you strengthen and grow.  GymPaws have been voted the best pull up gloves because they are made from leather and allow your hands to naturally rotate around the bar.  They also have slight padding which can help ease hand fatigue.

5. Do pull ups before the rest of your workout.  Some trainers even use pull ups as a good warm up routine.  All your major upper body muscle groups are fired up when doing pull ups, so you’ll want to add them in at the beginning of your workout versus the end.