Weight Lifting Gloves for Pull Ups

Weight Lifting Gloves For Pull Ups

Weight Lifting Gloves for Pull UpsI bet you’ve never thought of getting a pair of weight lifting gloves for pull ups.  Most people don’t even consider wearing hand protection for body weight exercises.  However if you’re a fan of crossfit workouts, or if your Personal Trainer has ever told you to jump up to the pull up bar and pump out a few reps, you know just how painful these simple lil exercises can be!

Weight Lifting Gloves For Pull Ups

The anatomy of a Pull Up is pretty simple.  Using a standard pull ups bar, tree branch, monkey bars, or even a rope you’re simply lifting your bodyweight off the ground.  Your resistance is gravity, and the machine is the strength of your muscle and grip.

There are a couple of things to consider when you decide to add pull ups to your workout routine:

1. Upper body strength.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t complete a full set of pull ups.  It’s not uncommon and it is not indicative of your total level of fitness.  Pull ups require unique upper body strength and especially engage the large Latissimus Dorsi muscle of the back (Lats.)

2. Grip Strength.  

If you haven’t done pull ups in awhile you’re going to notice that your forearms and hands fatigue faster than your biceps or lats.  That’s because your grip strength needs to be improved. There are 35 muscles responsible for grip and you can train these small but important muscles.  Try 4 Things You Can Do To Increase Grip Strength.

Weight Lifting Gloves for Pull Ups, GymPaws, Grip Power Pads


3. Weight Lifting for Pull Ups.

Obviously you’re not going to go out and buy a pair of gloves for pull ups… especially if you don’t do them that often.  Yet if you don’t want to wear half finger workout gloves because they’re too bulking, then you need to find yourself a good pair of lifting grips.  GymPaws® Leather Lifting Grips actually fit like a glove thanks to 4 finger loops on the Neoprene backing.  The slightly padded leather palm provides the protection you need to avoid calluses when you’re sweatin away on the pull ups bar!

Now you can purchase your GymPaws® direct from the manufactuer here on our website using your Amazon account!  Don’t have one?  That’s okay… you can use PayPal or any major credit card as well!  What are you waiting for?