Workout Gloves for Pull Ups

Workout Gloves for Pull Ups

Workout Gloves for Pull UpsAre you still not convinced that the pull up is one of the best upper body exercises you can do?  Or do you try em for a few reps and burn out because the skin on your hands feel like they’re going to rip right off?  You probably need a pair of workout gloves for pull ups! Let’s go through a couple different pull up variations to figure out which gloves are best.


Knees to Elbows

Is this a pull up or an ab exercise?  Or maybe both.  When you’re doing knees to elbows you’re actually not pulling yourself up to the bar, but rather using the bar to hang from as you try to raise your knees to your elbows.  Having a pair of workout gloves for pull ups that eases the pressure on your palms would be key since you’re basically at a dead hang position thoughout the whole movement.

What are the best?Workout Gloves for Pull ups

Standard Pull ups

A standard pull ups means that you have a supinated hand position.  Supinated pull ups require that your hands (palms) are facing away from you.  A pronated grip pull up is actually considered a chin up.  Pull ups with a supinated hand position tend to give you the sensation that your grip might not be strong enough or would want to slip.  Look for a glove that has a leather palm.  Gloves and grips with a spongy rubbery material don’t allow for natural hand rotation around the bar which is important.

Kipping Pull Ups

With kipping pull ups you’re basically performing the standard pull up movement but allowing momentum or “kipping” to assist you.  Again, you’ll want to look for the best workout gloves for pull ups that make YOU feel comfortable that

1. Your hands won’t slip

2. Pressure on the hands is minimized

3. The actual design of the glove isn’t inhibiting movement by being too bulky.

Stick with your pull ups.  If you’re a true newbie, then perhaps get comfortable with a weight assisted pull up first.