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Top Gloves for Pull Ups Crossfit

gloves for pull ups crossfit, gripads, best crossfit gloves, gympaws, pull ups glovesYou’ve finally realized what the rest of us have known for awhile now – nasty calloused hands are not very sexy!  It’s time to get a pair of gloves for pull ups crossfit that will help you train just has hard (or harder) while sparing your hands from the grueling punishment of a crossfit #wod.   Look no further than a pair of the Original GymPaws Lifting Grips!

Gloves for Pull Ups Crossfit

They often say that immitation is the more sincere form of flattery.  That may be true personally, but when it comes to fitness gear it’s not the case.  While lots of competitors have tried to copy features of GymPaws Lifting Grips, they’ve gotten it wrong.  So what is so special about GymPaws?

1. They’re made of genuine Leather.

Read that again and again and then look at the product descriptions of other gym gloves, workout gloves, or gloves for pull ups crossfit.  Most are made from spongy rubbery material that begins to shred after just a few workouts.  Even worse are those made from flimsy fabrics.  One of the top brands out there… Golds Gym brand workout gloves are made from “micro fiber leather.”  We don’t know what the hell that is, but it is definitely not leather… unless there are some new micro fiber cows we don’t know about.

2. Made in the USA.

While that might not matter to some of you, it matters to us.  Not only does that mean that we’re supporting jobs right here in the USA, but it means we’re concerned about offering the highest quality product, not a product that’s cheapest to produce!

3.  Moisture resistant.

GymPaws Leather Lifting Grips are made from Leather and Neoprene.  They can be machine washed and dried right along with your sweaty gym clothes!  Not to mention the Neoprene backing and 4 finger loops naturally wicks away sweat which allows for a more confident workout.

Here’s a couple tips to keep in mind when you’re using your GymPaws Leather Lifting Grips for the first time:Gloves for Pull Ups Crossfit

A:  Your hands are SUPPOSED to rotate around the bar or weight naturally.  If your grips “stick” to the bar and don’t allow for natural hand rotation, then the grips will shred and tear apart.  Think of gymnasts or bodybuilders who use hand taping or chalk when working out.  They do so to protect their hands while still allowing their hands to move freely around the bar.

B:  Because they are real leather, the more you use them the more they will break in and form to your specific hands and grips!  Just like your favorite pair of gym shoes that feel like a second skin after they’re been used and abused a little.

C:  You can take your GymPaws on and off much easier than a pair of gloves, but you don’t need to!  The low profile design doesn’t interfere with other exercises – you can even wear em to do cardio!