Top Rated Playlists For Weightlifting

Best Workout Playlist Spotify

Top Rated Playlists For Weightlifting

We all know the benefits of weightlifting, but what does music have to do with it? For decades the psychological community has been studying the effects of pairing exercise with music. Any Spin Cycle or aerobics instructor can tell you that music speed and tempo are two of the most important qualities for good workout music. So what's the best workout playlist Spotify?

Move It Or Lose It

In the world of psychology, Rhythm Response is the term that describes how much a song or music makes you want to move. Aside from keeping your focus on the tempo, a good workout playlist helps distract the mind from fatigue and pain, enhances mood, and increases endurance.

Best Workout Playlist Spotify

  1. Arigato, Julie Bergan
  2. This Is What You Came For, Calvin Harris, Rihanna
  3. Cold Water, Major Lazer, Justin Bieber
  4. This One's For You (feat. Zayn Larsson)
  5. I Took A Pill In Ibiza, Mike Posner, Gold Kiara
  6. Confident, Demi Lovato
  7. Cheap Thrills, Sia
  8. Sex, Cheat Codes, Kris Kross Amsterdam
  9. Champagne Problems, Nick Jonas

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  1. The Ocean, Mike Perry, Shy Martin
  2. How To Love (feat. Sofia Reyes), Cash Cash, Sophia Reyes
  3. Body Say, Demi Lovato
  4. The Night Is Still Young, Nicki Minaj
  5. Wild Things, Alessia Cara
  6. Ain't Your Mama, Jennifer Lopez
  7. You Don't Know Love, Oily Murs
  8. Wherever I go, OneRepublic
  9. One Dance, Drake
  10. All In My Head (Flex) Fifth Harmony, Fetty Wap
  11. The Little Things, Big Gigantic

Don't just assume that any song will do it, and don't limit yourself to only the genre of music that you would normally listen to in your car or before going out. Different genres will have a different effect. When you're weightlifting or working out, you're not actually consciously listening to the words as much as you may think you are. Here's the Spotify Playlist Link

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