Pokemon Go Red Team

Learn About Pokemon Go Gym Gloves

Pokemon Go Red Team

You've reached level 5 and now what do you do?  It's time to set up or get beat out. Learn about pokemon go gym gloves and what tips you need to know to win the battle and claim your territory!

What is a Pokemon Go Gym?

Think of a gym as a little arena.  Before your trainer can even think about battling it out here, you have to first reach level 5.  Until then you can't even see the gyms because they're greyed out which means that they haven't been claimed by a gym yet. When you get to the gym, you'll have to choose between one of three teams, Instinct or yellow, Mystic which is blue and Valor is represented by red. 

Learn About Pokemon Go Gym Gloves

The Yellow team in the gym is represented by the mascot bird Zapdos.  The mission statement of team yellow is "trust yourself and let your unique talent shine through."  Our yellow GymPaws weight lifting gloves are a favorite color among Crossfit fans and weightlifting fanatics alike. 

Team Mystic is inspired by it's mascot Articuno.  If you choose the blue team you're more of an intellectual and insightful person who wants to study strategy and understand the details.  Not a bad strategy!  Our GymPaws blue workout gloves are second in popularity only to the black ones.  It seems like blue is everyone's favorite color!  This is one of the most popular Pokemon Go teams as well. 

Tips About Pokemon Go Gyms

Finally the fire bird Moltres is the symbol that represents team red.  You better be ready to train hard and fight till the end because this Pokemon team means business. They are a sign of strenght and determination. 

There is no wrong or right way to play this insanely popular online game, and just like your weightlifting routine or Crossfit WOD, practice makes perfect.  As you learn about Pokemon Go gym gloves and how to earn your way through every next level, you're confidence will grow and you'll become even that much stronger and more powerful. 

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