Crossfit Bodyweight Exercises

Top 4 Crossfit Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do At Home

Crossfit Bodyweight Exericses

Crossfit gained a huge popularity over the past couple of years due in part to the concept of working out with little to no equipment.  In fact, bodyweight exercises and workouts were named as the top fitness trend for 2015 by American College of Sports Medicine.  When you can’t get to your Crossfit box for your #wod you can still get a great workout in with these 4 Crossfit bodyweight exercises you can do at home!


1. Squats focus on glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core.  Not only are squats one of the best butt exercises you can do, but they also work those abs! Check out our post Proper Form For Squats to review your technique.

2. V Ups. Working to get those washboard abs doesn’t have to mean thousands of crunches.  V ups are a perfect abs exercise to sculpt those v shaped abs.

3. Push Ups should be a staple of your workout, and you’ll probably be doing more than one variation in a typical Crossfit WOD.  Push ups are one of the best crossfit bodyweight exercises you can do at home or anywhere you have a little space and a few minutes to spare!

4. Bodyweight Skull Crushers will shred your triceps!  This is a great video showing you how to do them at the gym, but they’re just as easy to do at home.  All you need is a bench or counter top edge.

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Crossfit Bodyweight Exercises

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