Do Waist Trimmer Belts Work

Adonis Belt – Thermogenic Waist Trimmer Belt

Do Waist Trimmer Belts Work

You've heard the saying that abs are made in the kitchen not the gym.  While it's certainly true that your diet is responsible for determining the amount of bodyfat you may carry, in order to sculpt those Adonis Abs you also need to put some focus on your weightlifting routine. Once you have your ab workout in check, and you know your bodyfat is starting to get on point, there are a couple of tricks to help you shed some extra water content to get really shredded.  One of the tools of the trade in the exercise and fitness industry is the thermogenic waist trimmer belt. 

Do Waist Trimmer Belts Work?

First you have to understand HOW thermogenic waist trimmer belts work. The word Thermogenic is an adjective that refers to the effect caused by something that generates heat.  You're heard of dietary supplements or weightlifting supplements that are Thermogenic Fat Burners, which basically means they raise the body's core temperature resulting in the burning of more calories.  A Thermogenic Waist Trimmer Belt generates heat as well, however it is done externally. 

Adonis Belt

A waist trimmer belt is usually composed of a Neorprene or synthetic rubber material.  When worn tightly around the mid section, it causes your body to excrete more sweat in that area.  The result can be a reduction in inches, which in turn helps your abs look more "shredded."  There is also a compression component to these waist belts.  If you've ever known anyone who's undergone liposuction of the mid section, you've probably heard stories of how they had to wear a post operative compression garment.  This is done to reduce the amount of fluids in the effected area, but also to help the skin conform to the newly reduced ab or core area. In addition, waist trimmer belts are also used to ease lower back pain and provide additional lumbar support. 

The BRAND NEW Adonis Belt® by GymPaws®

Sculpt those chiseled "Adonis abs" by combining innovative technology for proven results. For those of you suffering from lower back pain, you'll find the Adonis Belt® provides superior lumbar support and core stabilization. 

About the Adonis Belt® Thermogenic Waist Trimmer / Lumbar Support:

Durable – Made from an EXCLUSIVE military-grade Neoprene blend material with double stitched craftsmanship, this belt will outlast you.

Comfortable – Most waist trimmer and lumbar support belts don't feel that comfortable. The Adonis Belt® will feel like a second skin, and it virtually disappears under clothes.

Effective – The Adonis Thermogenic Waist Trimmer Belt helps your body shed excess water naturally by increasing heat and enhancing circulation in the core and abdominal area.

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