Weight Lifting Gloves For Girls

Weight Lifting Gloves For Girls

Weight Lifting Gloves For Girls

The majority of companies that manufacture gym and crossfit gear are nothing more than a few opportunistic entrepreneurs who know that they can turn a profit by importing cheaply made sporting goods, and selling them at a tremendous market to fitness enthusiasts. GymPaws Inc was founded by a Personal Trainer and the GymPaws Gym Gloves company is run by personal trainers, athletes and coaches.  We don’t just make products, we design solutions.

Weight Lifting Gloves for GirlsWomen's Crossfit Gloves

In the fitness and sporting goods industries, there are a few great products that are tailored to women. Unfortunately when it comes to women’s gym gloves there is simply too much crap.  I really don’t understand why these companies think that for some reason women don’t workout as hard or don’t take their gym gear seriously.  Just because a pair of Pink Workout Gloves or Cheetah Gym Gloves are cute and appealing to women, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be a high performance piece of fitness apparel!

Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Women

The last time I checked women sweat just as hard as men, and some girls could run circles around the guys in the weight room or Crossfit Box!

Here a quick breakdown of GymPaws® Weight Lifting Gloves for Girls:

The Original GymPaws® Leather Lifting Grips

You’ve likely seen MANY knock offs of our original lifting grips.  Some of these grip pads are made from cheap rubbery material.  The concept is that the tacky surface “sticks” to the weight offering you a better grip.  Wrong!  You hands are supposed to naturally rotate around the bar or weight that you’re moving.  When this rotation in inhibited, your grip and wrist may suffer.

GymPaws Lifting Grips and ALL of our products are made from 100% Premium Grade Napa Finish Cowhide Leather.  The vegetable oil tanning process is what makes them moisture resistant.

They have four finger loops which means that they fit like a glove.  They won’t slip around or fall off.  You can transition from one exercise to another in your Crossfit WOD and not even give your hand protection another thought.

The Swolemate Gym Glove by GymPaws

If you’re looking for some Pink Workout Gloves it doesn’t get any more bubblegum sweeter than these!  Designed after high end driving gloves, you’ll notice that the wrist and thumb holes are tapered, eliminating excess gap.  Most weight lifting gloves for girls are simply guys gloves that are a pretty color.  One look at these and you’ll see that the quality of the craftsmanship far exceeds any thing else you’ve tried! That’s not how we roll here at GymPaws.  The Swolemate comes in Pink, Purple, and Black.

The V02Max Gym Glove by GymPaws

This is the probably the most premium women’s gym gloves that you can find!  It’s made from the same super supple Leather and Suede as our other products, but the difference with The V02Max Gym Glove is that it’s hyper-breathable thanks to the special Ventilator Mesh Fabric.  That’s why we called them The V02 max!  It comes in Pink, Blue and Black.


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