Best Weightlifting Gloves For Men

Weight Lifting Gloves For Men

Weight Lifting Gloves For MenWalk into any gym or weight room in the world and you’ll find fitness obsessed men and women who have at least one thing in common, they love to sweat it out!  Some of them are cardio queens, others are meathead gym rats, and others are there because it makes them feel good to know they went to the gym that day (even if they barely worked out.)  While all of these people have a respect for fitness in common, when it comes to opinions over weight lifting gloves for men, this becomes a pretty divided crowd.  The debate is not about whether or not they exist (duh) it’s about which are better, or whether or not to use them at all.  We decided to break it down for you and offer up our opinions and reviews not just as a manufacturer of gym gloves but as a collective group of actual personal trainers.

Weight Lifting Gloves for Men

What To Look For:

1. Material – The most ideal material for just about any gym glove is going to be Leather.  It’s the most durable material and the most long lasting.  You’ll see a lot of knock off weight lifting gloves for men that are made from synthetic “leather like” materials.  This isn’t because it’s a superior product, it just means that it’s cheaper to make.  At GymPaws® we use the highest grade Napa Leather which is tanned using a vegetable oil process which leave the leather supple and moisture resistant.

2. Uses – This doesn’t seem obvious to everyone, afterall a glove is a glove is a glove right?  Not right.  Gloves and lifting grips vary by their intended use.  With the popularity of Crossfit Workouts more and more people are starting to realize the benefits of bodyweight workouts.  If you’re familiar with bodyweight exercises then you know they require little to know actual gym equipment, however they are no less grueling on your hands.  Generally speaking half finger gloves are often too bulky and unncessary for bodyweight workouts. While you can definitely use them, if you’re looking for a pair of crossfit gloves you may find that a full glove actually makes your hands and grip sweat more than you’d like.  Here’s an great example of GymPaws® Original Leather Lifting Grips being used for Bodyweight Skull Crushers.

3. Return Policies and Customer Reviews – If you’re buying gym gloves online it’s hard to judge how they’re going to fit and feel.  For this reason it’s a good idea to make sure that the manufacturer offers an appropriate return policy.  Not all weight lifting gloves for men are created equal and you want to be sure you can return your purchase if you’re not happy.

Best Weightlifting Gloves For Men

When it comes to gym gloves reviews, look for those customer reviews that are specific and offer some examples of what that particular customer used them for.  Lots of gym glove manufacturers online employ less than legit practices for obtaining reviews and making it appear that they sell a popular product.  Real customers will leave real reviews, and that’s what you should be looking for.