Workout Gloves and Lifting Straps

Weightlifting Gloves or Weight Lifting Straps?

Workout Gloves and Lifting Straps

What are the best weightlifting gloves for deadlifts, dumbbells, bodybuilding, or Crossfit?  What about lifting straps?  Here’s a quick breakdown of the difference between them and how to use them.  Watch the video and you can decide if you should buy weightlifting gloves or weight lifting straps.

Should I Use Weightlifting Straps?

Walk into most weight rooms at any gym and ask this question and you’ll likely get a barrage of opinions, but few with facts to back them up.  Of course the same thing would happen if you asked about which protein supplement to use.  It really comes down to personal preference.  While there’s a lot of fiction out there, you can’t deny the facts about wearing workout gloves:

FACT:  By eliminating friction between your skin and the dumbbell or metal, you will dramatically decrease your chances of developing calluses.

FICTION:  Calluses are NOT a sign of your level of fitness or a badge of honor.  They have ZERO connection with how well you lifting weights or perform at your Crossfit WOD.

FACT:  Calluses are a medical condition (called Callosity) which refers to hard, thick, dead skin as a result of excess friction and pressure.

FICTION:  Weightlifting gloves or lifting grips hurt your workout. (This can be somewhat true depending on what kind of gloves you get i.e. crappy quality.)

FACT:  Workout gloves can ENHANCE your workout because you’re not battling the pain of the muscle failure as well as the pain of your skin against the metal.

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Weightlifting Gloves or Weight Lifting Straps?

  1. Lifting Straps are meant for heavy PULLING exercises like Deadlifts or Lat Pull Downs.  When you’re wearing a weight lifting strap, some of the weight is transferred to your wrist from your hand.  You’re basically helping yourself out by not solely relying on your hand muscles and grip.  Therefore you can actually lift more!
  2. Weight lifting straps should never be used in conjunction with weightlifting gloves.  They are two different things with two different purposes.

Here is a video on How To Use Weightlifting Straps.

(You can click this link for a new window to open and you can read step by step bullet points as well.) How To Use Weightlifting Straps

Because you can’t use weightlifting gloves or weight lifting straps together, that means that you have to take them on and off in between exercises.  That’s a pain in the ass.  GymPaws Original Leather Lifting Grips are the solution because they’re easy on and off.  4 Finger Loops mean that they FIT LIKE A GLOVE, and the slightly padded leather palm gives you the hand protection you need from a full workout glove.

Weightlifting Straps and Grips

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