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The 3 Best Weightlifting Gloves on Amazon

Grip Pads for Weightlifting

Drum-roll please…. if you have calluses on your hands, abs of steal, massive biceps or a chiseled chest then you’re probably going to have an opinion on this best weightlifting gloves review!  For those of you who still that gross callused hands are a sign of virility or your level of athleticism, you can probably navigate away from this page now.  To the ladies, you’ll probably glean some valuable information from this article as well, but for the sake of the discussion here, this one’s for the guys. First of all lets break the myth of the callused hands thing.

Calluses are actually a medical condition (called callosity).  For those of you who are lost on medical jargon relax.  The definition of callosity is is fairly simple.  It refers to the growth (yes I said growth) of thick skin that develops as a result of excessive friction or pressure on said skin.  Those who do bootcamp or crossfit training will tell you that these calluses can tear apart and even start to bleed.  That doesn’t sound like a sign of athleticism to me.  It sounds kind of stupid to be honest.  To make another point why you should be looking for the best weightlifting gloves, I will direct you to pretty much anything on ESPN.  Huh?  Virtually every athlete trains and even performs with some sort of glove.  Think about it:  hockey, baseball, football, golf, and even race car drivers.  They all have a specific glove designed to help them train and perform at the highest level.  It makes sense that a bodybuilder or weightlifting fan would want to have the same advantage! So if I’ve convinced you of why you need weightlifting gloves, then it’s time to wrap up this weightlifting gloves review with a tiny bow!

Best Weightlifting Gloves

1. GymPaws  Duh you’re on the GymPaws® website afterall.  Seriously tho, GymPaws were rated the Best Weightlifting Gloves 2013 and Best Weightlifting Gloves 2014 on Amazon.  (btw best means #1 if you haven’t figured that out yet) Best Workout Gloves WeightliftingGymPaws probably qualify better as Lifting Grips but they saw a meteoric climb up the ratings for a reason. They’re made from Real Leather (in the USA).  The slightly padded leather palm not only protects against calluses but it eases some of the pressure on your hands.  The 4 finger loops and backing are made from Neoprene which naturally wicks away sweat.  You can by them here on the website and get FREE SHIPPING or you can check em out on Amazon here. (opens in a new window)

2. Big Back Grip Lifting Grips or Grip Power Pads These come in a close second (sometimes first depending on how many people buy).  They’re a simple little product that gets the job done.  They too qualify as a Lifting Grip.  They’re basically just a piece of foam that varies in thickness.  For $5-$7 per grip you don’t need to worry if they fall apart or aren’t as durable.  That’s why they sell them in bulk.  They do indeed protect against calluses just as any weightlifting glove will do.  You can check them out on Amazon as well right here.

3. Harbinger Workout Gloves Founded in 1988 Harbinger is credited with creating a wristwrap technology.  Over the past 30+ years they’ve become one of the top if not the top workout glove manufacturer.   As much research as I’ve done, I can’t find anywhere that Harbinger workout gloves are made in the USA.  They could be I don’t know.  What I do know is that I grew up with these weightlifting gloves!  They’re a well established brand, but they’re not all that well known about being on the cutting edge of workout glove design.  Not suprising, Harbinger pretty much owns the category of workout gloves on amazon.  The top selling is the Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro FlexClosure Gloves.

You can find them on Amazon here. GymPaws just released it’s first full glove design as well. Made of machine washable and machine dry-able Suede and Ventilator fabric, you can check it out in the shop.