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Get a legendary workout the next time you hit the weightlifting room or Crossfit box.  Since the 1960’s the bodybuilding world has spawned many exercise and fitness gadgets and gear.  Most have been relegated to the dark musty confines of our basement, but others have proved to be a genuine asset to working out at the gym.  For 5 years now, millions of customers have searched gym pads for weightlifting, workout, Crossfit gloves in an effort to not only protect their hands, but maybe enhance their workout to boot!  While Amazon has come a long way in regulating customer reviews, they still have some work to do.  Here’s what to know before buying your next workout gloves online. Gym Pads For Weightlifting, Workout, Crossfit

Of course you can find all of the GymPaws products on Amazon at if you choose not to buy online right here. GymPaws® are the original genuine leather workout grips.  Designed by a team of Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists,  athletes, coaches and die hard weightlifting fanatics.   With an ergonomic design they fit comfortably in the palm of your hand while the military grade Neoprene naturally wicks away sweat. Four finger loops keep the grips firmly in place.

When buying workout gloves online, you may notice many manufactures boasting “extra padding” as one of the selling points.  The more padding that you have between your hand and the weight or bar, the less tactile sensation you will have.  That can mean less control.  Think of a gymnast who uses nothing more than hand taping or chalk when they perform on the parallel bars or rings.  The reason is because they need to be able to “feel” what it is they are grasping.  The same goes for your workout in the weightlifting room or Crossfit class.

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Gripads make from rubbery material is just as detrimental to your workout.  Again using the gymnast as an example, the hand needs to naturally rotate throughout the movement.  When your workout glove or gym pad sticks to the bar, you may feel like you have more control throughout the movement, but you do not.  In fact you may actually be doing yourself harm by causing unnatural movement causing unnecessary pressure or torque on your wrists.

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Gym pads come in all shapes and sizes, but there is only one original GymPaws® brand.