2017 Best Gym Gloves on Amazon

2017 Best Workout Gloves For Gym – Amazon Best Sellers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Seattle, WA) Oct 4, 2017 – Amazon.com |  2017 Best Workout Gloves For Gym | Amazon Best Sellers in Gym, Crossfit, Exercise. Whether your workout of choice is an old school Crossfit class, hitting the weight room till your biceps feel like they're going to fall off, or pumping out bodyweight exercises in the gym, most hand protection available is all hype and no heft.  Here is a break down of the top customer reviews and tips that will help you decide what to buy online. 

2017 Best Workout Gloves For Gym | Amazon Best Sellers

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I can tell you from personal experience that the exercise and fitness category on Amazon has become muddled over the past two years with cheap imitation knock off products that are fresh off the cargo boats of China.  When we started GymPaws® gym gloves just a couple of years ago, there wasn't nearly as much crap.  It was the big mainstays of workout gear like Harbinger and Valeo and a few little brother brands.  

Amazon Best Gym Gloves

Why The Sudden Increase?

It's not that magically more people are starting to go to the gym or sticking to a workout.  Studies actually show us that in America, the general population is becoming more UNFIT.  Having said that, these un fit people spend the most amount of money on gym, exercise, and fitness gear than anyone else.  The cheap China knock off manufacturers discovered this and flooded the market with their products. It's not limited to 2017 Best Workout Gloves For Gym | Amazon Best Sellers in Gym, Crossfit, Exercise of course.  Amazon itself has had to put in place very sophisticated measures to weed out these factory farms and their poor quality products. 

GymPaws® hand pads for gym, workout gloves, gripads, Crossfit gloves… whatever you want to call them are one of the ONLY "new brands" that have consistently remained on the top of the list. Back in the day it was Harbinger and Valeo at the top of the list, and now you can't even recognize the brands that are selling. 

Amazon Top Gym Gloves For Workout

GymPaws are made from 100% genuine cowhide leather which is something 85% of the fitness manufacturers can't say.  They use cheap faux leathers and synthetic fabrics to reduce their investment and cost.  As the consumer, you end up with a product that makes your hands sweaty, or worse, that inhibits your workout.  We believe in producing an ergonomically designed product that is not just effective, but can help you bust out an extra set of pull ups or bicep curls.  

You can of course get all of our gear right here on our website or you can check out our full like on http://www.amazon.com/shops/gympaws . Read the customer reviews and see for yourself.  Imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery all the time. The real deal, is a real deal.