Don’t Call These Workout Gloves For Sweaty Hands Bitch Mittens

Is ur gym motto 90% perspiration & 10% apologizing for leaving sweat stains? Say hello to ur new Workout Gloves For Sweaty Hands!

Here’s a little known factoid: when we launched GymPaws® almost 7 years ago an Exec at Crossfit corporate headquarters contacted us explaining that we couldn’t call our gloves Crossfit Gloves.  Why?  Because just as GymPaws is a protected trademark name brand, so is Crossfit. What this exec didn’t realize however, is that we never called our product that!  1,000’s of customers were!

It just so happens that aside from creating cutting edge gym gear, we pretty awesome at search engine optimization too.

Don’t Call Em Bitch Mittens!

Here at GymPaws we’re a team of athletes, personal trainers, coaches and fitness and exercise professionals.  None of us are strangers to the gym or any bizarre, fad, or trendy workout of the day.  Our combined experience in the industry spans decades and we were looking to create the ultimate workout glove, that wasn’t even a glove.  In fact that was our ACTUAL motto.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. We deconstructed the concept of a gym glove, then we physically deconstructed a traditional half finger workout glove, taking it apart stitch by stitch.
  2. Next we discarded all the parts that just didn’t make sense.  Have you even used the back of your hand to lift anything?  No one has ever.
  3. Knowing of all the crappy grip pads out there that are nothing more than rubber from a mousepad (when ppl still used them,) we had to up the game.  We kept the four finger loops that a traditional gym glove has because that’s what keeps it in place.
  4. Lastly we spent HUNDREDS of hours optimizing materials and padding.

The Ultimate Workout Gloves For Sweaty Hands Were Born.

We quickly learned that one of the main reasons so many Crossfit athletes loved GymPaws for their hand protection, was because they fit, and performed like a glove without all the excess material.  By getting rid of that bulk, we made a super breathable product.

The ergonomic design fit compactly in the palm of your hand giving you protection from callous causing friction, while the 4 finger loops keep them in place.

The GymPaws® website is 100% safe and secure.  You can even checkout with Amazon® PayPal® or® with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or AMEX.

So what are you waiting for… get your Workout Gloves For Sweaty Hands now!Sweaty Hands Working OUt