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Sexy Crossfit Guys - Crossfit Gloves Whether they’re sweating it out in the weight room, outside getting their cardio on, or pumping out the reps at a Crossfit box these hot guys crossfit have one thing in common… they’re pure fitness inspiration! Sexy Crossfit Men It’s not just about slammin iron in the weight room. (Although if you do don’t forget the best mens weightlifting gloves) . Crossfit abs aren’t built with a couple of #wods either!  Any decent personal trainer will tell you that v shaped abs start in the kitchen.  That means that you need to have a clean diet to have a lean physique. Crossfit Men Abs - Crossfit Gloves One of the best Crossfit Workouts you can do is a Battling Ropes Workout.  Check out Rodiney Santiago showing us how to do a sick battle ropes workout with 12 exercises! Hot crossfit guys are a dime a dozen actually. All it takes is dedication to working out and keeping a clean and healthy diet and lifestyle.  Whether you’re doing the battle ropes, weightlifting or crossfit, if you keep your eye on the ball you can have adonis abs or a chiseled chest. hottest guys of 2014 Best Crossfit Gloves - Hot Guys