best gym gloves 2013, best weightlifting gloves, gripads, power pad lifting grips

Best Gym Gloves 2013

best crossfit gloves, leather crossfit glovesRoses are red, violets are blue.  I know the Best Gym Gloves 2013… do you?  Gym Gloves come in all shapes and sizes.  Most are made from poor quality imitation leather materials from China and some are made with great quality material, but poor craftsmanship.  So as an average consumer who just wants to protect their hands against calluses, what are you to choose?

Best Gym Gloves 2013

1.  The original GymPaws® Leather Lifting Grips continues to be the top rated gym glove alternative.  Crossfit athletes, coaches, personal trainers, bodybuilders and best gym gloves 2013, best weightlifting gloves, gripads, power pad lifting gripsweekend warriors all use GymPaws for a couple of reasons:

2.  They are made from genuine Leather.  Some grip pads are made from flimsy fabric material while other lifting grips are nothing more than a piece of spongy rubber.

3.  Moisture resistant.  That’s right!  One of the reasons GymPaws are the Best Gym Gloves 2013 is because they are moisture resistant.  That means they won’t absorb sweat, and you can toss em in the wash machine!

4.  4 Finger Loops.  Other lifting grips have two or three finger loops.  Most likely you have four fingers and you use each one of those lil puppies to grab that pull ups bar or barbell.

When you’re trying to deadlift hundreds of pounds, do you really want some gym glove that’s gonna slip or get all slimy and sweat?!

GymPaws® Lifting Grips are the best gym gloves 2013 for both men and women!  You can read the gym gloves review and see for yourself!  If you’re not convinced, and still think you need some full hand gym gloves, we got ya covered there too!  GymPaws® just released “The GymRat” gym glove which is made of washable suede and ventilator fabric!  GymPaws are the #1 Top Rated Best Gym Gloves 2013 on Amazon… and now you can Pay With Amazon from our website!  We hope you become a fan!