Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves 2014

Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2014

What are the best weight lifting gloves 2014Why have GymPaws been voted the Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2014?  Personal Trainers, Coaches, Athletes, Crossfitters and everyone in between is falling in love with GymPaws Lifting Grips and GymPaws Brand Gym Gloves.  Read the reviews and decide for yourself.  How do you use your weight lifting gloves?

Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2014

1. Made in USA – Does it matter if your gym gloves were made in the USA or somewhere else?  If you believe in supporting your local economy you should care!  Not to mention that you can count on higher quality products, higher quality craftsmanship and value for your dollar.  GymPaws® are proudly made in the USA and we proudly support our men and women in the military.  Check out our American Flag GymPaws and show your pride!

2. Real Leather is Real Better – Another reason why GymPaws have been voted the best weight lifting gloves 2014 is because they are made with real leather.  Read product descriptions very carefully.  Micro-suede leather and synthetic leather are EXACTLY what they say they are.  Only GymPaws are made from 100% Leather making them the most durable and long lasting gym gloves you can buy.


3. Machine Wash and Dry – We don't like sweaty smelling gym gloves any more than you do!  That's why we make sure all of our weight lifting gloves are made to be machine washed and machine dried.  When you get home from the gym and you're drenched in sweat clothes, toss your GymPaws right in the washing machine with them!


4. Custom Gym Gloves – The Original GymPaws® Lifting Grips come in tons of colors and designs… and they're all made from real leather!  We've gone through great pains to make sure that the leather screen-printing process lasts as long as the gloves themselves.   You can even get Custom Gym Gloves with company or gym logos on them!