What are the best weightlifting gloves

Best Weight Lifting Gloves To Prevent Calluses

What are the best weightlifting glovesSo no one wants to hold your hand?  I think the only thing worse than a slimy sweaty palm, is a dry callused hand!  They are NOT indicative of a fit body or hours at the gym.  It’s actually a medical condition called Callosity! You can try all the grips, gloves and straps in the world, but you need to find the best weight lifting gloves to prevent calluses.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves To Prevent Calluses

1. A glove or not a glove?

There’s tons of alternative to gym gloves available, and they’re commonly referred to as lifting grips or just “grips.”  They range from cheap spongy rubbery material that you buy in bulk, to flimsy synthetic fabrics, to real leather lifting grips.  What you need to decide is if you want a full weight lifting glove or just something to protect the palms of your hands. (which is all you really need anyway)

2. Gripper, Ripper, or Slow Dipper?

What are you actually going to use these for?  A full finger or half finger weight lifting glove is a great choice for hitting the iron in the gym.  If you’re into a total body workout, circuit training or Crossfit style workout then you may find that a full glove is too hot and may even inhibit movement.  They’re also a pain in the ass to take on and off in between workouts.

3. Tape, Chalk, Straps?

Hand taping may be an alternative, however few people seem to do it these days outside of a crossfit box.  Chalk is just about the worst thing invented if you’re prone to calluses because it dries out your skin even more.  Weight lifting straps can do the trick, but like taping they don’t really ease any of the pressure from the exercise.

Weightlifting grip padsCheck out GymPaws® Leather Lifting Grips!  Not only are they made from 100% Real Leather, but the slight padding and 4 Finger Loop Neoprene backing allows air to circulate which keeps your hands healthy.  The finger loops assure they’ll stay in place and the compact design pretty much makes them the best weight lifting gloves to prevent calluses!