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Stupid Crossfit Gloves For A Dumb Workout

Watch this exercise video and you tell me if these are stupid Crossfit gloves for a dumb workout.  You know you can use gym grips for pull ups, kettlebells, deadlifts, clean and jerks and just about any other exercise, but do they help or hinder your progress.  Watch out ACE Certified Personal Trainer Patrick in this video and decide for yourself. 

Stupid Crossfit Gloves For A Dumb Workout

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So I should first start by saying that there actually aren't any such thing as Crossfit gloves.  A Crossfit WOD itself is a hybrid of a couple of different training techniques. Gymnastics, Power Weight Lifting, High Intensity Interval Training and calisthenics are all borrowed from in a typical "workout of the day."  The combination and series of exercises may be unique to Crossfit, and it is a trademarked brand. 

The reason there isn't really a specific glove for Crossfit is because there really isn't one specific thing you do in a WOD. Batting gloves, football gloves, and driving gloves are all specialized for their sport and / or training. When we launched GymPaws® Original Leather Weight Lifting Grips a couple of years ago even we were surprised how popular they became among the Crossfit diehard enthusiasts. 

GymPaws® Original Leather Weight Lifting grips were designed to be ergonomic and fit comfortably in the palm of your hands.  The padding is slight.  Just enough to ease hand fatigue but not enough to inhibit movement.  A specialized hydro-phobic neoprene backing completes these hand-crafted grips, complete with four finger loops to make sure they stay in place. 

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So are stupid crossfit gloves for a dumb workout really something you should consider?  The answer is yes.  When you can remove the discomfort caused from the friction of your hand against the weights or metal bar, you're allowed to focus more on executing the movement properly.  Consider bodybuilders who use weightlifting straps. With straps and hooks you're transferring some of the weight from the grip of your hand to your forearm which allows you to lift heavier. 

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