Swolemate For Men Or Women

Swolemate Gifts – Buying Guide

Statistics show that we are more likely to go to the gym or stick to our fitness routines when we have a workout buddy.  Swolemate meaning is just that.  A hashtag that someone came up with to refer to the person that they do Crossfit or hit the weightlifting room with.  Getting a present for someone who is a gym rat isn't that difficult if you keep it useful and don't break the bank. Swolemate gifts can be even easier to come up with because this person is likely someone you spend a lot of time with, maybe even exclusive of your workout time. 

Swolemate Gifts Buying Guide

Avoid Gym Clothing. – Unless you know specifically what the recipient likes to wear to sweat in, clothes aren't always the best option.  Too small or too large and you risk sending them the wrong message. 

Swolemate Gifts Buying Guide

Food or Nutritional – Weightlifting Supplements can work.  – If you notice that your swolemate nosh's on a specific brand of protein bar, a couple boxes of them make awesome swolemate gifts. 

Swolemate Meaning

Keep it simple and useful. – GymPaws® Original Leather Gym Grips are totally versatile.  They're 100% cowhide leather instead of cheap crap sold online.  4 finger loops fit nearly everyone so they literally fit like a glove.  On Amazon you can find them at http://www.amazon.com/shops/gympaws or get em right here on the website and pay with your Amazon account or Paypal or credit card. They're super popular for those who do Crossfit or weightlifting!

Even if you don't workout yourself, the key to buying good swolemate gifts is to not overthink it. Sometimes the smallest gestures that have meaning and show thought, far outweigh pricier extravagant gifts!.