Presidential Debate

The Gloves Are Off – Clinton Trump Debate Overrated

Presidential Debate

If you were one of millions of us who watched the presidential debates last night, there's not much denying that the gloves are off. For 90 minutes both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exchanged a workout of words without breaking a sweat, and it's pretty clear (if it wasn't already) that the gloves are off!

How Many People Watched The Presidential Debate

According to CNN just moments ago, Nielsen reports that over 80 million people watched last night's debate, making it the most watched presidential debate in history! It's not that surprising considering we already knew that there was record voter turn out for the primaries this year. 

Whether your main concern during this presidential election is the economy, US security, domestic concerns or global warming, you're not likely to get a straight answer from watching these two battle it out on a debate stage.  

The Gloves Are Off

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In reference to the Clinton / Trump debate, I think it's fair to say that it was overrated.  We expected fireworks and we got a few lazy embers.  Trump seemed to start strong in the first 20 minutes of the debate, and then Clinton's training and mastery of the topics seemed to overshadow any interruptions or quips from Donald Trump. If you listen to Trump today, of course he's saying that "every poll except CNN" shows him having won the debate last night, but at the moment we haven't seen any evidence of that. 

Presidential Debate Numbers

We still have another six weeks until American's get to vote on November 8, 2016, and while the gloves are off, it's not likely that things are going to get any prettier as we move closer to the day.  As far as your workout goes, 6 weeks is a lot of time to make some progress with your exercise and fitness goals.  Keep sweating, keep training, and stay focused!