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Distressed American Flag GymPaws – These Colors Don’t Run

Weight Lifting Grips

Three years ago when we launched GymPaws® as the alternative to gym gloves, we noticed a curious pattern as we were fulfilling orders online.  We started seeing a lot of customers with FPO and APO mailing addresses. Obviously we knew that these particular customers were serving in the United States Armed Forces, however we still couldn't explain the popularity of our product with the troops.  Shortly thereafter in honor of Veterans Day, we introduced our distressed American Flag design.  Not only did these weightlifting grips become one of our best sellers, but it also helped us uncover the mystery!

These Colors Don't Run

For those of you who aren't familiar, an APO address refers to an Army Post Office and is associated with Air Force or Army installations.  A Fleet Post Office or FPO serves Navy installations and ships.  Why were so many brave soldiers suddenly buying up GymPaws gym gloves by the hundreds we wondered.  We fantasized that they were being used covertly on secret missions for some other purpose than weightlifting or working out, but that obviously was just a figment of our imaginations.  

USA Flag GymPaws

Distressed American Flag 

We started emailing customers asking why it was they were choosing our humble product as they were searching for workout gloves online, and then one day two soldiers on leave took the time to reply to our inquiries.  The female solider told us that she and her crew bought GymPaws online off of Amazon because they were so highly rated, and it was easier for soldiers overseas to buy products off of Amazon.  The male officer that replied said that some of his troops had been using them for weight training and they like that the grips were compact and easy to stuff in their pockets when not in use. 

We're honored that thousands upon thousands of customers worldwide choose GymPaws Gym Gloves as their hand protection of choice when they're working out.  The distressed American Flag design continues to be a top seller in nearly every country as well.  Regardless of if you use them as your Crossfit Gloves, Weightlifting Grips or an alternative to gym gloves, we're just happy that people are recognizing our commitment to quality and customer service.  We design products for performance over profit!

You can check out the the Distressed American Flag design below and use your Amazon account to checkout or Paypal or any major credit card.  In addition, you can see our full line of exercise and fitness equipment directly, at https://www.amazon.com/shops/gympaws 

Keep sweating, keep working out, stay motivated, and remember…. Your Workout's Not Done 'Till The Paws Come Off!