Face Pulls For Upper Back

Face Pulls For Upper Back | EXERCISE VIDEO DEMO

Face Pulls For Upper BackFace Pulls are a great exercise to add to your list of back exercises.  There’s a couple of variations of this exercise that will target different muscle groups, but this exercise video demo demonstrates how to do Face Pulls for Upper Back using a standard cable machine and tricep rope attachment that you can find at just about any gym.

Face Pulls For Upper Back

1. Position the pulley at a high enough setting on the rack so that the cable is directly in line with your chin.

2. Attach a standard tricep rope attachment and wearing your gym gloves, grasp both ends of the rope with both hands.

3. Begin with your arms extended and parallel to the floor. Pull the weight towards your face, pinching your shoulder blades together.

4. Slowly return to starting position.

Tips : Face Pulls For Upper Back

→ To fully engage the muscles of the upper back, try to achieve full range of motion just as you would with a standard rowing exercise.

→ Allow your shoulders to naturally rotate forward as you return the weight to the starting position.

→ Start with a lower weight to master the movement first and then increase accordingly until you find your ideal starting weight.