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Pull Ups | Build a Bigger Back

gympaws-girl-pull-up-smallPull-ups to build a bigger back

Having a strong well-developed back has many great benefits for training, and who are we kidding here it also looks sexy!  So why do most people ignore working out their backs? Often you see people spending more time training their ‘Show Muscles’ (these are your muscles you can ‘see’ (Biceps, Chest, Abs). However, neglecting to work out your back is a big no-no. Your back is made up of the second largest muscle group in your entire body and let’s not forget if you hurt your back in any way, it really effects your entire body! Having strong back muscles helps you when training your other muscle groups, helps with your posture and every day activities such as getting dressed or walking up the stairs.

As I mentioned earlier, it is really important to build a strong healthy back if you want to build bigger muscles all over your body, especially your biceps! But how does it aid in building your other strong muscle groups? For example, when doing bicep curls, the back muscles help stabilize your body and posture when curling. It alleviates some tension and allows you to curl heavier weights properly. Have you ever noticed someone doing bicep curls and they tend to swing their body while curling? They probably have not been working out their back and they are using too heavy of a weight to top it off. Having a well-developed back will help when doing bicep curls in proper form.

One of the most effective but often ignored best back exercises for EVERYONE is Pull-ups! Regardless of what the current state your body condition is in, it is extremely beneficial when training your back muscles.

How to properly execute Pull-ups:

Begin by assuring you have a proper grip.  I suggest choosing a gym glove that won’t slip.  Step up and grab the bar with an overhand wide grip (your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder with apart). Tighten your abs, and try to focus on pulling the bar down towards you (instead of focusing on pulling your body up). Once your chin is at or slightly above the bar, start to lower yourself back to the starting position in a controlled manner. Don’t just drop back down quickly; this does nothing for the back and can really cause a serious injury! Without resting, complete another pull-up.

If your upper body strength is not well developed yet, doing a full set of pull-ups will seem extremely difficult. Find the assisted pull-up machine at your gym and start there. The assisted pull-up machine stacks weights to counter your own body weight to make it easier. Find a weight you can properly execute, and continue to lessen the weight as you train through the upcoming weeks.

Keep in mind that your back muscles are like any other muscles in your body and they do need rest between workouts. If  you have back problems or have had a back injury in the past, consult your doctor before beginning any back routine.