Kipping Muscle Up Bar

Kipping Muscle Up Bar

Kipping Muscle Up Bar - Gloves for Pull upsEXERCISE VIDEO DEMO:  Few back exercises can beat the good ‘ole chin up.  You’ll fell it most in your lats if done properly, but it also blast your upper and middle back.  Originating in the world of gymnastics and popularized in CrossFit workouts, the Kipping Muscle Up Bar will take your back workout to a whole new level!

Like it’s cousin the Chin Up and Kipping Pull Up, the Kipping Muscle Up (or Muscle Up) is an example of a compound exercise at it’s best.

Compound exercises engage several muscle groups to complete the movement as opposed to an isolation exercise where the movement is restricted to one movement and joint. Most back exercises will be a compound exercise.

As you may already know, “kipping” refers to the use of momentum to complete the movement.  For example you would begin a standard pull up from a dead hang position, and if you were doing a kipping pull up you would hop up to the bar and use body momentum to “swing” or “kip” as you complete each set.  The same variation can be applied to a Muscle Up.

Kipping Muscle Up Bar

In gymnastics, Kipping Muscle Ups are commonly done on the rings.  Because the average gym or weight room doesn’t have rings, for weight lifting purposes Kipping Muscle Ups can be done with a standard pull up bar.

1.  Either with a hop up to the bar, or from a bench or box grab hold of the bar with a pronated grip (palms facing away from you.) Create momentum by swinging your legs behind you.

2. Using momentum pull and push yourself up and over the bar.  If you were to stop here your arms would be locked out straight and the bar will be at your waist.

3. Complete the full movement by slowly lowering yourself back down below the bar and repeat.

Note:  The Muscle Up and Kipping Muscle Up are more of an advanced move.  To protect your hands from the pressure and friction from the bar, it’s a good idea to use a Leather Lifting Grip like GymPaws® as the leather allows for natural hand rotation around the bar.

Kipping Muscle Up Exercise Video Demo

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