Better Back Workout

Cable Crossovers For A Better Back Workout

It’s 2019 and millions of us have made at least one New Year’s Resolution.  80% of us will vow to make better health and fitness lifestyle choices. If spending more time in the gym to focus on your exercise routine is one of your commitments for the new year then getting a better back workout is important.  Cable Crossovers are a great back workout. Up your game by focusing on the larger muscle groups of the body.  You will burn more calories in the long run as well as develope a solid physique.

A Better Back Workout

Better Back Workout

There are literally countless exercises you can do that focus on building back muscles.  Just like there are workout gloves for men or women, both guys and girls benefit from training the large muscle groups.  Benefits of a more muscular back include better posture and endurance.  You may not be aware that you use your back muscles in just about any daily activity you do in or out of the gym.  A better back workout will also build fat burning muscle that is crucial for assuring you burn any excess calories you may consume.

Cable Crossovers For Back

In this back exercise demo you will notice two crucial pieces of equipment.  The first obviously is workout gloves which act as hand protection.  GymPaws in particular can ease hand fatigue while increasing your grip.  Secondly we are showing the cable crossover exercise on the Freemotion® Cable Machine.  If your local gym doesn’t have one of these you can substitute by using the traditional cable machines.

Cable Crossover Back Exercise

Here are some tips for performing the Cable Fly or Crossover effectively. 

  1. Set the cable pulley just a bit higher than shoulder height.
  2. You will grasp each handle with the opposite hand.  So your right hand will crossover to the left handle and vice versa.
  3. It’s important to keep your abs tight because you want to stabilize your core.  You should be standing upright versus leaning forward.
  4. Begin the movement by pulling your arms outwards in an arc like motion.  Use a slow controlled motion slightly downwards.
  5. Raise your hands just above the shoulder and slowly return to your starting position.

Similar to the pec deck or fly machine for chest, this will work the muscles of the back.  It’s important to have a natural grip on the handles to allow for them to naturally rotate within your grip.  This is another reason why millions of people use GymPaws as their workout gloves because they are made from genuine cowhide leather which allows for the weight or handle to rotate within your grip.