Dumbbell Free Row – A Better Back Exercise

Dumbbell Free Row – A Better Back Exercise

Exercise Video Demo:  We all know that training the back is important for building a great physique.  One of the biggest muscle groups of the body, the muscles of the back are engaged with just about any exercise you perform in the gym and almost every movement you do in your daily activities. Adding an exercise like the Dumbbell Free Row to your routine will not only add some variation to your back workout, but it also helps strengthen your core stabilizing muscles.

How This Back Exercise Is Different

Muscles Worked Doing Row Back Exercise


When you do a standard dumbbell row (also called a bent over dumbbell row) you would generally brace yourself by placing one knee on a bench to stabilize yourself.  When doing a bent over bar bell row, you’re stabilizing yourself with a wide stance and obviously with both hands on the weight.

The Dumbbell Free row challenges your balance which in turn engages additional muscle groups like the core muscles and glutes.

Dumbbell Free Row

1. To begin the exercise assume a split squat position by placing your weight on your forward foot, with the non active foot behind you.

2.  Hold the dumbbell on the open side of your body.  So if you’re beginning with your left leg behind you, you’ll hold the dumbbell in your left hand using a neutral grip (palm facing in).

3.  Square your body by lowering your hips towards the floor. Keep your back straight and your abs tight.

4.  Execute the movement by inhaling as you lower the weight towards the floor.  Exhale as you bring the weight back to the starting position.

Tips for the Dumbbell Free Row

–  If you’re just beginning with this exercise you can stablize yourself a big by placing your non working hand on your knee.  As you become more advance you can hold your non working had straight out in front of you to challenge your balance even more.

–  Wearing a pair of weight lifting grips or gym gloves will allow you to maintain a solid grip on the dumbbell.