Best Back and Biceps Workout

Close Grip Bent Over Barbell Row

Best Biceps ExercisesSome may classify the Close Grip Bent Over Barbell Row as a back exercise (which it can be), however it’s one of my favorite biceps exercises.  Especially when done at the end of a good back and biceps workout it is definitely the one exercise that will send you over the top and feelin’ a major burn!

Close Grip Bent Over Barbell Row

Bent over rows are no doubt a great back workout.  They hit all the major back muscles including the lats and middle back.  Will a little variation however you can turn it into a kick a$$ biceps exercise.  I like finishin up my biceps workout with an exercise that just blasts my arms and makes me feel the burn.  The close grip bent over barbell row is definitely one of them!Best Back and Biceps Workout

1. Feet should be a little wider than shoulder width apart.  Grab the barbell with a Supinated Grip, meaning your palms are facing away from you.  (of course assuming you’re wearing your favorite lifting grips)

2. Grasp the bar no wider than the width of your chest (versus a wider grip done with most rows).

3. Bring the weight towards your lower chest just below the nipple area.

4. Slowly lower to starting position to complete one rep.

Close Grip Bent Over Barbell Row Tips

– Hand position is key here.  Keeping a narrow grasp of the bar with a supinated grip calls the biceps into action moreso than a traditional row.

– Keep your elbows as tight to your sides as possible.  Imagine your elbows being pulled up behind you towards the ceiling.

– As with any back exercise, it’s extremely important to keep your abs as tight as possible throughout the movement because this helps to stabilize your core.